Vacationing with MS

Vacationing with MS: A little planning can go a LONG way

Let’s face it: Sometimes, you need a vacation. But traveling can be tough when MS feels like an extra carry-on. That’s why planning is key! So, we’re breaking down our favorite tips on what you can do ahead of time to make your next trip go swimmingly.

Getting there

1. Carry your medications with you

If you are flying, keep your medications in your carry-on bag so that they remain with you in case of lost luggage!

2. Check in with TSA

A “TSA Notification Card” identifies you as someone with MS and may help expedite things at the TSA screening checkpoint. Prior to flying, visit, click on “Disabilities and Medical Conditions,” and follow instructions for the “TSA Notification Card” to print one out for yourself. Be sure to also check with your airline about the latest TSA regulations regarding traveling with medications such as injectables.

3. Ask for an aisle seat

Choose an aisle seat so that you can get up easily and stretch during the flight. An aisle seat also makes getting to the restroom easier.

4. Plan to pit stop

If you’re traveling by car, pinpoint the rest stops along your route and plan to stop every hour to help with bladder control, if that’s an issue.

Preparing for the weather

1. For warmer weather:

  • Hydration is a must! Keep a water bottle with you at all times. Especially in warm weather, drinking water can keep your body temperature regulated and functioning properly.
  • Bring an umbrella, visor, or hat along to help you beat the heat!
  • A cooling pack is another great option for long days in the hot sun.

2. For cold or icy weather:

  • Wear sturdy shoes with some extra traction to avoid slipping.
  • Bundle up! Break out your hats, scarves, and gloves. Hand and foot warmers are also nice for sensitivity to the brisk temperatures.
  • Bring a mobility aid such as a cane, or rent a scooter, if necessary.

Enjoying your stay

1. Pick a room with an “elevator” view

Choose a room by the elevator so that you don’t have to walk far and can easily enter and exit if need be.

2. Sleep it off

If you have an action-packed day, make sure to get a good night’s sleep beforehand.

3. Find a balance

Try to plan a mix of high-energy and mild activities to conserve energy.

4. Rest and recharge

If you’re feeling fatigued, don’t hesitate to excuse yourself for a quick nap.

5. Remember to HAVE FUN!

This is your vacation, after all.

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