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Here you will find the templates and tools you need to write your story, upload your pictures and share your experiences.

We have provided a few questions to help you get thinking. You’re under no obligation to answer them – they’re simply meant to provide a little inspiration.

Help your readers get to know you

Introduce yourself with some background information (e.g. your name, your age, where you are from, etc.)

Name some of your favorite activities

Talk about something you look forward to

Share something interesting about yourself

Discuss something you are proud of

Talk about something you are thankful for

Describe your favorite book/movie/song/art exhibit and why it speaks to you

Name one thing you would really like to accomplish

How has MS impacted you and how have you dealt with the challenge of MS?

Describe how you felt when you were first diagnosed

Describe how your life has changed since you were diagnosed

Share the most challenging part of living with MS for you

Describe how your family and/or friends have supported you

Discuss a positive or memorable occasion since your diagnosis

Share any modifications you’ve had to invent to continue participating in your favorite activities since your diagnosis

Describe the new kinds of activities you’ve enjoyed since your diagnosis

Share the most beautiful thing anyone has said to you or done for you to make you feel special and happy since your diagnosis

Offer advice to someone newly diagnosed with MS

Here you’ll find a structure for your story.
It’s broken out in the following sections: 



Main Story


Cover Image

This section is for you to really express your story, in your words. There is also space for your pictures, mementos, artwork – whatever imagery you choose.

This special “free standing call out” is provided if you want to include a short quote that sums up your story, or is a particularly important sentiment or moment that you would like to highlight.

This section is the conclusion to your story.

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